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Puppies Meal Time

Here are 4 dogs who loves to eat at a pet restaurant. In this puppy food serving game we're going to concentrate on preparing and serving our puppies the most delicious food they can enjoy. Do your best to serve them in time, only in this way you will get to pass all the levels and win the game. Good Luck!
The Canteen

Paris is a great location to spend your vacation, however, if you run out of money, you don't have to much things to do, Iris here had figure out she can take a summer job at the local Canteen, place where only thing she has to do is to prepare and serve the right food for her clients. Join her in this serving game and help make some money for her vacation!
Feed The Baby Elephants

Today you will go in the jungle, where you shall work at a mini fruit restaurant. The object of this baby animal feeding game is to take the orders from the baby elephants and make sure you feed them with their desired fruits. Enjoy!
Feed The Little Cub

Ever had the chance of going to the Circus? Well in this fun serving games we aren't going to go there, but we are going to take care of some sweet little tiger cubs. Play around with them and do your best to feed every tiger with the food he likes the most, also try to move fast, you don't want to disappoint the little cubs!
Anson Cake Shop

Play a new fun ice cream game in which you can have really much fun creating and serving all kinds of delicious flavoured ice creams. Help Anson to her job really well, and serve all the customers in time, only in this way she can earn points and pass all the levels. Enjoy!
Lunch Time

Lunch is a very important meal for the day. You get energy for all your afternoon from it. You are the proud owner of a food court and it's a busy day for you during the lunch break. Time to prove your serving skills. You have to act quick and think even quicker. Good luck !
Vegetables And Fruits

Prove that you can handle a saleswoman job. Here is a fun serving game for girl sin which you will have to learn how to take orders and complete them in the best possible time. Make sure you take every women's orders and serve them the vegetable and fruits they desire, only in this way you will earn money and get to the next level. Enjoy!
Serve the Dogs

Here is a new fun game for kids, a online serving game in which you will have to take care of some lovely dogs. Play around with all the food you can find and do your best to feed the puppies with their favorite ones. Enjoy!
Birds Feeding

Meet Janice a girl who really loves birds. In this game you will be accompanying Janice in her garden where she will have to find every bird's favorite fruit and serve it in time. Do your best to get the required score for every level and you will win the game. Good Luck!
Jump Juice Bar

How good are you with serving games? Do you think you have the skills of a bartender? Here is a online bar game, in which you will have to make and serve the most delicious juicy drinks you can create. Have fun!
Airport Cafeteria

Judy just managed to open a new cafeteria in the airport, but with a lot of clients going in and out, she needs your help to run it. And with all this running there are a lot of hungry clients. Make sure you serve them fast because you don't want them to loose their planes. Good luck and have fun.
Waiter Dress up

How much fun can you have as a waiter? But before we can get into serving we must prepare the waiter by dressing him up with some stylish restaurant clothes. Join the game and find out for yourself how you can make a waiter to look fashionable.
Care Your Sweet Cats

You may have played a few restaurant games in which you had to serve people with different kinds of food. Well in this game things are going to be slitly different, as you will have to serve some cats their favorite food. Join this fun kitty cat game, and do your best to serve the kitties their favorite cat food.
Feed The Birds

Today you can have a lot of fun in the nature, where you can discover a lot of fruits and vegetables, that you have to serve to birds. All the birds will come to your restaurant where you will have to do your best to show them you can prepare and serve them their favorite food in time.
Cake Serving

Where would you like to work in the summer? Well Lola, here, had got a job at the confectionery shop in town, where she is going to cook and serve the best cakes. Help her to her job, and she might even get promoted.
Forest Fruit Shop

There is a new shop opening up in the forest and you are invited to work here. In this game you will have to learn to take orders and do your best to serve every animal their favorite fruits, only then you will score points. Try your best to score as many points you can and have fun!
Icecream For Kids

Summer is almost here, and Tom has to get his business ready. He has a Ice cream store in which he has prepared different types of ice cream. You will have to help Tom pick the right Ice cream for each customer, some of them will prefer the chocolate ice cream, other the vanilla, strawberries or other kind of flavour. That is way he needs your help to serve everyone their favorite ice cream. This is a fun serving game which you can have fun playing it whenever you get bored. Enjoy!
Tokyo Penguin Diner

Serve these cute penguins who are coming into your fancy restaurant from Tokyo. Fancy it's just an expression since the restaurant is entirely made in a traditional, Japanese, way. We are pleased to invite you to play this game with your friends to see who's the first the achieve the highest score and earn the highest amount of money from selling food and sodas.
Feed Your Sweet Puppies

What on earth could be sweeter than a small puppy? Do you like puppies? We absolutely love them and today we even brought a new puppy game. You have to feed them with their favorite food. Be careful and pay attention to each puppy because they want different things as they are different breeds of dogs and have different personalities.
Lisa Fruit Shop

Lisa has moved in this town and she's having a good business going on. A thriving business with fast food and fresh food also. Everything is going really good for her and her shop. We are really pleased that she managed to get into our town because we needed this kind of shop. Nobody had the courage to open such a good quality food shop. A really good idea for a successful business.
Kelly Summer Jobs

Kelly its a very worker girl and now she's got 4 part-time jobs and because of this she needs your help very much! Help her work to a bakery and bake fresh breads for his clients, take care of cute pets, style hair and create tasty ice creams for his customers! If she will have more then ten angry customers she will get fired. Good luck!

Use your experience as manager and a waitress and run your snow cone the best you can. serve your customers with what they want and where they want. Serve the best desserts and ice cream ever and your business will prosper!
Yummy Bonanza

You will run a snack stand for 12 days and you will run this business selling burgers, hotdog and more. Your target is to make your stand to be the best in town. Good luck!
Stone Age Girls

You are now in stone age and you have been opened a shop in your area, the customers are coming and make an order you will have to complete his orders and the customers will leave happy. Have fun!
Serving School Lunches

You will be the waitress in a school and your clients will be the students, and you will have to take orders from them and serve then correct. Good luck!
Oswalds Special Of The Day

The butterfly will be the waitress in this game and your friends are at the table and you will help them make the right orders for the food
Big Daddy BBQ

Big Daddy will cook for his customers the best steak and you will have to help him because he is having a lot of customers. Be careful to not burn the steak. Good luck!
Beach Serving Game

The clients from the beach will come to your fast food shop and you will have to serve them with the food ordered by them. Good luck!
The Feeding

Your customers are the kids and you have to serve them the right food to make points and win the game. Good luck!
Serve To Play

Serve the customers with some delicious juices before they leave and earn points for every correct serving. Good luck!
Serve The Little Girls

Your job is to serve beautiful girls that come to your shop with the right juice or cocktails. Good luck!
Serve The Fruits

Serve the right fruits to the right customers, if you will make mistakes your life will go down. Good luck!!
Serve Or Die

Serve Or Die this will be your motto while you are working in this restaurant. Serve the right food to the right table, and win tips because this is the life of a good waitress. Good luck!
Restaurant Gorenge

A new restaurant has been open in your city and now they are looking for a new waitress who have a good memory and move fast in the kitchen and in the restaurant. Can you do the job? Good luck!
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