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Chicken Sandwiches

Do you know the recipe for a tasty chicken sandwich? Play this new fun cooking game for kids and you can find out yourself how fun and easy it is to make yourself a delicious meal, which you can take with you at school or somewhere else. Good Luck!
Monte Cristo Sandwich

One of the sandwich recipes that you definitely want to try is the Monte Cristo sandwich recipe. By playing this fun cooking game for girls you will see how to combine different ingredients in order to cook such a delicious sandwich. Have fun!
Super Submarine

What would you say if we told you, that you can learn in a simple fun game, how to make a Super Submarine sandwich? Well here is one of those game in which you can learn easily how to combine ingredients like meat, cheese, vegetables and all other kinds of sauces in order to cook something different and tasty. Enjoy!
Delicious Turkey Sandwich

You have in the fridge all kinds of delicious ingredients like bacon, turkey, and all kinds of vegetables and cheese? Then why not make a Delicious Turkey sandwich? Play this fun 5 year old cooking game for kids, and learn how to combine some ingredients in order to cook a yummy sandwich.
Turkey Sandwich Decoration

Easter Holiday is almost here, and Lisa is going to cook something special for this special Holiday. She is going to prepare not one turkey sandwich but more, and you can join her, see how she is going to prepare them, so you can learn for yourself how to make a turkey sandwich and how to decorate it as well.
Tuna Salad Sandwich

You'll make the greatest of all tuna sandwiches if you follow this recipe. You only have the best ingredients you can find on the market so your job shouldn't be hard at all.
Sandwitch Specialist

The all idea in this game is to prepare a delicious sandwich for your school day and take it in your school bag and eating it. Have fun and be a sandwich specialist now and in the future!
Oyunstar Sandivic Canavari

Catch tasty items to make the best sandwich. If you will catch 3 bad items you will lose the game. Enjoy!
Sandwich Words

sandwich and words this is what you have to do, spell the words right and make the best sandwiches! Enjoy playing this great sandwich game and tell your friends about it!
Roast Beef Sandwich

For you to be the best player and win this game just keep the rotary tool on the roast to carve and fire. Good luck!
Breakfast Sandwich Shop

Make the best sandwich for some hungry and beautiful kids and make sure to serve them with the exact type of sandwich. Good luck
Bacon Girls Game

Play this game to make a sandwich in this order: bread, lettuce, tomato, bacon, more bacon, more bread. Good luck!
Turkey Sandwich

Let's have fun cooking a delicious sandwich and this is a turkey sandwich! This delicious cooking game will let you create your own turkey sandwich in easy steps. Enjoy!
Sara Cooking Class Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Its a hot summer day and you scream for ice cream...cake! In this cooking game Sara will teach you how to make a delicious Ice cream sandwich cake. Enjoy the game!
Sandwich Shop

In this sandwich shop you will serve the customers with a great sandwich made by you. Use bread, sauce to add it in sandwich, eggs to add it in egg sandwich, chicken to add it in sandwich chicken and vegetable. Serve the sandwich and collect the money!
The Squirrel of Sandwich Game

Make the best squirrel sandwiches ever, select the ingredients and be fast. Good luck!
Victoria Sandwich

In this game you will be a great help for Victoria and you will learn how to make the best sandwich ever. Follow the recipe and instruction and have fun cooking the best sandwich! Enjoy!
Sandwich Cooking Game

The school day is sometimes a long day and you need some great sandwiches and now in this game you can learn how to make them. Enjoy this cooking game!
Monster Sandwich

Everyone loves Scooby very much and we hope that you love him too. Be the best help for Scooby Doo and make a monster sandwich with him and with his best friend Shaggy . Good luck!
Sandwich Dash

Make the best sandwich and respect customers and make a delicious sandwich Dash. Ham and egg must be cooked in the pan first, do not overcook. Good luck!
Sandwich Specialist

Your best clients are the children who are coming to your shop and they will see you as a sandwich specialist because you are very god in making the sandwich for them. Enjoy the game!
Sandwich Match

Select your favorite sandwich and try to make yourself by choosing the right ingredients ! At the end compare your work with the results of a real chef. Enjoy!!
Barbie Cooking Smoked Salmon Sandwiches

Food made by Barbie is delicious and she is one of the best cook chef in the world. In this cooking game she will show you a delicious Smoked Salmon sandwiches recipe. Good luck cooking!
Barbecue Chicken Sandwich

Sara is having a new delicious food recipe and by playing this cooking game you will learn how to prepare a nice barbecue chicken sandwich. Sara will evaluate your cooking skills and after you will pass the exam you will go to the big action. Good luck!
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