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Beach Restaurant Game

Are you ready for a season job at the beach? Well in this game we are going to have fun working as a restaurant chef and waiter at the beach, where you will have to do your best to serve the best food, drinks and dessert you have. Think your good for this job?
Bar B Que

In this restaurant game you have to do various things like frying, cooking and mixing drinks to complete the 25 rounds on the map. For you to go to the next level buy upgrades and serve your customers in time. Keep an eye on the reputation meter, and make this restaurant to be the best restaurant in time.
Japanese Buffet

You will make a great Japanese buffet and because your customers are the most important thing for you you will have to take care of them and give them the food. Serve your customers on time so they will leave happy! Enjoy!
Busy Bee Restaurant

Your are the new employee as a cooking chef in the Mr. Bee's restaurant and your task is to match the food and drink ingredients as fast as possible and make sure the food and drinks could be served on time. Good luck and have fun!
Pet Restaurant

In this serving game you will have some hungry cute customers to serve, so hurry up to feed them and earn many money. Good luck!
Roadside Fastfood

Your customers that came to your restaurant want the food make preferred by the them and you have to make it and give it to them. If you serve wrongly your score will go down. Good luck!

Your task in this restaurant game is to take care of the restaurant that has just opened in your city. Be a good waitress take the orders from the customers and manage them. Enjoy and take care so you don't lose your job. Good luck!
Cake House

If you like decoration games and cakes then play this game and create a perfect cake for you and your family. Create a cake that not only looks good, but tastes good to. Enjoy!
Pancake House

The customers are coming to have a meal to your restaurant. You will have to give them on time the food that they requested and make them feel welcomed.Good luck !
Falafel King

To win this game you must became a king of serving, now you have to prepare servings for all customers and must not forget about the time. First click on a pita to take it. Be careful so all the servings to contain all the ingredients.
Yellow Cat Ice Cream

Your job is to help beautiful Kitty to run the restaurant. Serve the customers by dragging the right food to them. Good luck!
Lilou Italian Restaurant

Italian food is great if you like it. Try to manage an italian restaurant and in the best way possible. Your clients must be serve well and always on time. Keep this restaurant alive! Good luck!
Cake Shop

Cake shop is the name of your new shop were you will make the best cakes for your clients and serve it to them. Enjoy play this game for girls game and make the best cakes ever.
Breakfast Bar

In this serving game you will take care of your breakfast bar and your clients. To make your business work well take care of your clients and make them feel good in there, don't let them wait too much for the orders and smile all the time. Good luck!
Beach Restaurant

You are to the beach now and you have to run a beautiful Beach restaurant. Give the best of you to make your clients happy and don't make them wait too long for theirs orders. Good luck and have fun!

Be a good waitress in this game and serve as many customer as possible in the Dhaba place. Your business will work well if you will do your job well. Be patience with all yours customers and keep your business running! Good Luck !
Forest Restaurant

Make some delicious sandwiches, fruit cups, eggs, brownies and more! Serve up the food made by you to your fun forest friends! Take their orders and make their meals. Make sure to serve everyone before time gets out. Good luck!
Burger Restaurant

The main idea in this game is that the customers will come to your burger restaurant and you will take their orders and complete it. Make as much money as you can so your restaurant business prosper.Use your money to purchase upgrades!
Cutis Diner

Have fun playing in this game the role of a beautiful waitress call Betty and serve the customers. Make money and do your job the best you can. Take the food from the restaurant kitchen and give it to your clients. Enjoy!
Pet Feeding

In this game for you to win it give food to the pets and make them happy. Have fun with your pets.
Rosie Restaurant

Help Rosie to manage his restaurant and to get rich in the restaurant business. Prepare the food and serve it to the customers and at the end collect the money! Enjoy!
Instant Noodles

This a great restaurant game where Ruby is in charge with his father restaurant which is out of city on a business tour. Your main task is to be next to Ruby and help her to run his father restaurant successful. Serve all the clients as best as you can. Unlock many items after each level. Serve right orders and keep your customers happy! Good luck!
Valentines Shop

In this chocolate-shop, your job is to use chocolate machine and select the right flavor for your clients. Buy upgrades with your tips and collected money! Good luck running this shop!
Restaurant Business

Don't take to long to prepare the food ordered from your customers because these means bad business. Serve to customers foods and earn money as quick as you can! Enjoy and good luck cooking and serving!
Fishy Feast

Play this cool game to make a great fish food. You will use different kinds of fish, sauce garnish's, shrimp, octopus, lobster and yummy fresh vegetables. Enjoy this game and the fish food too!
Family Restaurant

Use your cooking skills, and everything you will learn from your grandma and other family members to run your family restaurant business. Good luck with your clients and serve them in time and with the right food. Enjoy!
Lea Fast Food Restaurant

You are now the new waitress in this nice restaurant and you will do a hard work here because the clients are coming very fast. There are so many customers coming in, and they all want to get their orders really quickly and to win this game you need to reach the target each day. Good luck!
Jennifer Rose Restaurant Love

Jennifer Rose is running a love restaurant and because his customers are coming so fast she needs your help. Put the customers to the table, take orders, bring food, remove dirty dishes to the trash bin. Her boyfriend is a customer too so don't forget to give some attention to him too. Good luck!
Fast Food

To win this cooking game play the role of a cute waitress, who will turn her delicious fast food into the most popular restaurant in her town! Picking the right product from the list there and bringing a huge smile on the sweet looking waitress's face you will make a yummy food. Have fun!
Omelet Restaurant

Seat your customers at empty tables and take their orders. Toss an egg into the frying pan and wait until it's done, then put it on a plate. Add the appropriate topping, then serve up the omelet! Good luck!
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