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Pizza Pie Clean Up

Did you ever wandered how much mess it remains after you cook a pizza with your friends in the kitchen? Well in this fun Pizza Pie Clean Up game you will find the answer, even more you can find out how much time it can take you to clean up all the mess. Good Luck!
Make Tomato Soup

Cooking soups can be a lot of fun, take this game for example. Here you will be preparing a tasty Tomato Soup. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the game and in short time you will know how to prepare the ingredients and make the tastiest soup ever!
Messy Kitchen

Jenny is bringing over her friends, to have some fun cooking a dish of delicious cookies at her kitchen. But there's a little problem, it looks like her kitchen is a mess, and she needs to clean up quickly before her friends comes over. Lets help her put all the kitchen tools and foods back where they belong, so she can present to her friends a clean kitchen!
Tuna fish

Dina decided to live a healthy life starting from today. The most important factor in a healthy life is the food she eats so Dina is going to change something in her daily routine. You could help her replace an unhealthy dish with the best tuna salad ever. Easy to make, the tuna salad recipe is made for everyone who wants to try it. Supply your kitchen with the necessary ingredients for the salad and start making it. Have fun and share your salad picture with your friends!
Emily Kitchen Cooking

Your job will be to help Emily to make some delicious pancakes in her kitchen and when the pancakes are ready to decorate them. Can you do it?
Brioche Cooking

Today you can cook some delicious brioche in a beautiful kitchen where are a lot of sun flower. Have fun cooking!
Kiddie Kitchen Game

Kiddie is cooking in the kitchen and she need your help to make some delicious desserts or some food . Can you help her?
Sunroot Soup Cooking

Have fun playing this game and cook this yummy soup by following the recipe given in this cooking game. The main ingredient is Sunroot or Jerusalem artichokes which is where the name of the soup comes from. Have fun!
Royal Hot Dog

Select from an assortment of rye, or kaiser buns then drop in a smokey, red hot, all beef, chicken with a generous helping of vegetables, condiments and garnish and make a great Royal Hot Dog! Enjoy cooking hot dogs everyday!
Make A Strawberry Smoothie

Play this yummy cooking game and whip up some delicious strawberry smoothies and have fun cooking. Add all of the ingredients and blend them together to make this tasty beverage. Enjoy!
Incredible Cooking

Hey, kids! Are you ready for the greatest, out-of-this-world cooking game that will trigger movement and excitement in the kitchen? This one features Sisi and Toto, your favorite pets, and it's really incredible! The two adorable pets are spending their afternoon in the DoliDoli kitchen, trying to master the cooking skills. Come join them in a unique game where you have to prepare a fruit salad, some chicken soup and a chocolate cake, by determining ingredients to fall in the right spot. We have prepared 16 totally incredible cooking levels for your playing joy.
Ice Cream Decorating

Make a delicious sundae ice cream in this ice cream food decorating game. You can add sprinkles and choose from many other toppings to make this treat just how you like it. Bon appetit!
Cooking a Hamburger

In this burger game you will fin a perfect hamburger recipe. Its easy for you to make this burger in a few steps. Enjoy!
Cooking a Burger

In a few minutes you will cook a great burger based on a great recipe. Take this opportunity to make a great burger and enjoy this game.
Bake Sweet Pies With Lisa

Beautiful Lisa has made a new pie recipe and she need your help to make it in the kitchen. Play this skills game that tests your abilities to follow the pattern in the original recipe.Good luck cooking with Lisa!
My Superb Lasagna

Cook a delicious lasagna for your friends! Try this cooking game and make the best lasagna and see how your friends will like your cooking at the end! Good luck!
Garlic Bread

You will have to try to and make a delicious bread topped with garlic and olive oil. This food is used as an accompaniment to pasta or other Italian dishes. You must try it, good luck cooking!
Happy Pizza

Are you talented in cooking area? If you say yes then you will have to prove it by cooking a happy pizza. You can become a chef in order to make the world better with the happy pizza. Good Luck cooking pizza!
Cooking Donuts

This game is for those who want to be specialized in cooking area by making donuts for your family or other people. Try to see if you can make your career with this. You'll get some indications, or if you don’t need them you can start working. Cook and have fun!
Cooking a Hamburger

Learn how to cook a delicious hamburger with tomato, onions, pickles and many other ingredients? You can find the perfect recipe that will make you a delicious hamburger.
Cook Cupcake and Candy

Everyone loves cupcakes and candies so we decided to make a cooking game to teach you how to prepare tasty Cupcakes and Candy. They need to be with lots of sprinkles and cooked well.
Cooking Cherry Pie

You will have al the ingreedients to make Cherry Pie, one of the favourite american pies. You are the chef and must blend all of them with care. Good luck!
Baked Potato

Cook the best Bake Potato for you and your boyfriend by playing this cooking game. He asks you to make a very tasty bake potato! Make him happy using your cooking skills! Enjoy!
Cooking Hamburger

If you want to make the most tasty hamburger play this cooking game, and take the ingredients you like, combine them, and have fun cooking the most delicious hamburgers for you and your friends!
Sandwitch Specialist

The all idea in this game is to prepare a delicious sandwich for your school day and take it in your school bag and eating it. Have fun and be a sandwich specialist now and in the future!
Spongebob Krab Matik

Play this cooking game on Be next to Spongebob and help him to make the correct amount of Krabby Patties before time runs out. Have fun and enjoy cooking!
Amazing Wedding Cake

Be a good cake designer and play this decoration game to design a beautiful cake? Be creative and make a great wedding cake for you or your girls friends who likes wedding cakes. Enjoy!
Sandwich Words

Sandwich and words this is what you have to do, spell the words right and make the best sandwiches! Enjoy playing this great sandwich game and tell your friends about it!
Roast Beef Sandwich

For you to be the best player and win this game just keep the rotary tool on the roast to carve and fire. Good luck!
Ongs Sisters Kitchen

Being the new owner of Ongs Sisters kitchen you could make the best food using the cooking machines. Enjoy and use the cooking machine in the best way possible!
Christmas Cake Cooking

Christmas is great and that's why you will play this game to make a great Christmas cake to enjoy it with your family and friends. Good luck!
Breakfast Sandwich Shop

Make the best sandwich for some hungry and beautiful kids and make sure to serve them with the exact type of sandwich. Good luck
Bacon Girls Game

Play this game to make a sandwich in this order: bread, lettuce, tomato, bacon, more bacon, more bread. Good luck!
Apple Pie

Play this cooking game to make a great apple pie. Make a delicious apple pie for you and your family as a dinner dessert. Good luck!
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