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Bake Winter Cupcakes

Do you know how easy and fun it can be to cook some cupcuakes? Well kids, hre is the game in which you will learn one of the most simpler ways of cooking them in just a couple of minutes. Enjoy!
Chef Susie Awesome Treats

What do you say about working at a cookie mass production company? Well today is your lucky day, as here you can join Chef Susie and her awesome treats, help her use the ingredients she have to combine and cook the best cookies she can have and share with her family and friends. Good Luck!
Sara Cooking Class Rainbow Muffins

Here's a wonderful new Sara cooking class game for girls. It's time you learn how to cook some really delicious rainbow muffins. Learn how to combine different ingredients, flavours and make the rainbow muffins just like the ones you find in the famous restaurants. Enjoy!
Homemade Pizza

It's time you learn a new way of cooking a delicious homemade pizza. Play this awesome online game and you will get to learn all the steps you have to follow in cooking a yummy homemade pizza. This is the kind of food you will enjoy cooking whenever you think of throwing a party or any other event you might think of. Have fun!
Pizza Party

How much do you know about pizza? Most of the time pizza is known as a party snack, it tasty, mostly easy to cook and everyone loves it. Play this fun game and lets prepare a big pizza for a big party. Have fun!
Monkey Cake

Ready to learn how to cook a really tasty monkey cake for kids? Well here's just the right game for you, as Sara will teach you in this cooking class game series how to make one really tasty dessert not only for kids but for everyone. Have fun!
Spooky Cupcakes

Ever heard of the spooky cupcakes? Well it's quite a different way you cook and decorate them from the usual cupcakes you may cook sometimes however in this game for girls you will get to combine different types of ingredients and decorations and make some really awesome cupcakes. Enjoy!
Bison Burger

Ever heard of the Bison Burger recipe? Try out this awesome new girl game for kids and discover the fun and easy way of cooking a delicious Bison hamburger. Enjoy!
Chicken Lazone

If you're tired of eating from fast food and you want to prepare something delicious with the usual ingredients everyone has in their kitchen, well you might be in luck as in this new awesome cooking game for girls you can try to cook your own Chicken Lazone. Follow the instructions and have fun!
Raisin Cinnamon Bread

One of my favorite bread recipe is the raisin cinnamon bread, if you want to find out how to bake this kind of bread, this game is the right one for you as here you can learn all by yourself how to prepare the ingredients and cook them into one tasty bread. Have fun!
Cooking Halloween Cake

Halloween is here again and you could definitely try something new for this year. What do you say if you will get to cook an delicious Halloween cake? Play around with all kinds of ingredients and decorations, combine them perfectly and you will get to cook one of the best cake ever. Enjoy!
Chicken Nuggets

Cooking chicken nuggets might look kind of complicated but it isn't in this fun online cooking game you will get to learn how to use all kinds of kitchen utensils and prepare some of the most delicious chicken nuggets. Enjoy!
Kung Pao Chicken

As you know Sara enjoys cooking, not only for her but teaching others how to cook two. Play this fun online girl cooking game and learn yourself how to make one of the most tasty recipe of Kung Pao Chicken. A Sara Class cooking game that you will surely enjoy!
Special Cake Deco

Want to learn how to cook a special cake or even more how to decorate it? This special cake decoration game for girls is the right game for you as here you will find all the ingredients, fruits and creams you can combine to make the most delicious cake. Have fun!
BBQ Veal with Olive

Do you want to learn how to cook a tasty bbq veal with olive? Well this game will be perfect for you as in here you will get to cook one a delicious barbecue like no other. Enjoy!
Mamas Ice Cream Toppings

Do you know what would be really fun to cook? In this cake cooking game, you can discover all kinds of delicious creams, toppings which you can mix and use to prepare a delicious ice cream with mama's ice cream toppings. Have fun!
Serving Apple Cobbler

The Autumn season is the best season to cook some apple cobblers. Play this fun online cooking game and you will learn how to cook a mouth-watering dessert like no one other. You will start the game in the super market where you will buy the ingredients and then you will get to the next steps which you can follow in the kitchen. Enjoy!
Walnut Pinwheels

Kids if its a walnut pinwheels recipe that your are looking to find out how to cook, than in this new cooking game for girls you will surely learn how to do it yourself. Follow the instructions in this game and you will see how easy and fun it is to cook a delicious dessert like this. Enjoy!
Peanut Butter and Banana Foldove

Would you like to cook this weekend a special dessert with peanut butter and banana foldove? Well you're at the right place, cause here's a game in which you will learn how to do that. Take all the time you need to learn how to combine the ingredients, follow the recipe closely, cause this dessert is a special one and it will be a pity to not know how to make a yummy dessert like this. Have fun!
Sara Cooking Class Picnic Kabobs

Sara is preparing something delicious for any kind of picnic. Lets join her in this online Sara cooking Class free game and follow her instructions, we can surely learn some new things about cooking. Take all the time you need to exercise the recipe until you know it's ingredients and the way you have to prepare them by yourself!
Morning Sandwich Decoration

You know what you need to prepare the perfect sandwich? Well here's a fun game for kids in which you will get to decorate a sandwich with all kinds of tasty ingredients. So take your time to mix all the ingredients and decorations you can find and cook the best sandwich. Have fun!
The Wedding Cake

What do you say about cooking a wedding cake? Well here's a fun game in which you will get to cook this kind of cake. Make sure you follow the recipe exactly how it is described in the game in order to get to the result you're looking for. Have fun!
Tasty Donuts

Today we're going to take a look on how the donuts can be decorated. In this cooking game for kids you will see that there can be used all kinds of toppings, from chocolate, vanilla to strawberry creams, sweets, caramel and even fruits. I'm sure that you just can't wait to dive into the game and create your own custom flavoured donuts. Have fun!
Lobster Cooking Time

Challenge your chef skills with a new game of cooking. Follow the instructions in the game and try out yourself a new way of preparing a delicious, high in vitamins and calories meal like the delicious boiled Lobster recipe. Have fun!
Baked Chimichangas

Ever heard of the chimichangas recipe? In this game not only that you will find out about this kind of food recipes, but you can see how to prepare it right from the beginning. Enjoy!
Cherry Cupcakes

Play a new fun online cake cooking game like no other. Find out what ingredients you need and how to prepare them together in order to cook one of the most delicious cherry cupcakes ever! Take your time to learn all the steps and try to cook some in your own kitchen!
Ice Cream Cone Decoration

Time to challenge your ice cream chef skills in a cooking game for kids. Here you will have all kinds of creams, tasty flavoured ice cream cups and many kinds of toppings which you can combine in order to cook the best Icecream desert that you had ever had!
The Canteen

Paris is a great location to spend your vacation, however, if you run out of money, you don't have to much things to do, Iris here had figure out she can take a summer job at the local Canteen, place where only thing she has to do is to prepare and serve the right food for her clients. Join her in this serving game and help make some money for her vacation!
Sara Cooking Class Chicken Parmesan

Have you tried the new Sara's Cooking Class games? In this fun games for kids you will learn not only how to cook all kinds of delicious desserts, but you will also have the chance of learning how to prepare a delicious Chicken Parmesan. Make sure you follow Sara's instructions and have fun cooking the chicken!
Zucchini Fritters

Show your friends the new food recipes which you had learned cooking. This fun cooking game will also show you how to combine some veggies, and sausages in order to cook a tasty Zucchini Fritters meal. Have fun!
Mamas Chocolate Kisses

This cute little bear is ready to share with you his Mama's Chocolate Kisses recipe. Follow his instructions in this fun cake games and you will see how to cook some crunchy and tasty chocolate kisses.
Creamy Cheesecake

How many cooking games had you tried until now, do you know what you need to cook a creamy cheesecake? Well following the cooking process in this game you can learn how to cook one sweet creamy cheesecake by yourself. Have fun!
Making Early Breakfast

Today you can learn how to cook a delicious Early breakfast. Follow this funny little dog's instructions and you will find out how to make a delicious breakfast of your own. Enjoy!
Fish Wrapped In Banana Leaf

Here is a tasty recipe from Ecuador, in this game you may learn hot to cook it from Grace. She is a extraordinary cooker, and she will show you in these fun cooking games with fish recipes how to cook one delicious Fish Wrapped In Banana Leaf. Enjoy!
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