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Wedding Table Decoration

Have you dream to become a bride? Now if you play this game you can make a party for the wedding of your dreams! Chose the food and all the wine you can drink and many other so you can customize this wedding table for a fun marriage you'll never forget. Enjoy!
Tarka Dal

Play this cooking games to learn how to make a Tarka Dal recipe in a beautiful decor. Have fun!
Red Velvet Cake

Sara will take you in her cooking class and she will teach you how to make a beautiful cake called red velvet cake. Try to make this beautiful cake with Sara in her lovely kitchen. Enjoy cooking with Sara!
My Lovely Cake

Play this game to make your lovely cakes, you can chose from three models of cake when you start cooking, chose the one you like and move over to the next cooking step. Enjoy!
Home Made Strawberry Ice Cream

Play this cooking game and you will be in Sara cooking class and she will teach you how to make a delicious ice cream with strawberries. Have fun cooking with Chef Sara!
Cook Amandines Tarts

Play this game to learn how to make an delicious Tarts Amandines recipe, and you will play this game and cook in a complete kitchen. Have fun!
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Now you will play the role of a beautiful girl chef and you will make some great chocolate chip cookies. Put the ingredients from the recipe list and put them in the bowl. Find the ingredients by sequence and finish the cookies as fast as you can. Enjoy!
Carrot Cake

In a beautiful green decor you will make a carrot cake which is a delicious cake, and you can try it with your family. Have fun!
How To Make Shawarma

Shawarma is a famous fast food and now you can try to make it alone and have a lot of fun doing it. Enjoy!
Hamburger 1

Play this hamburger game to learn how to make delicious hamburgers and as fast as you can. Good luck!
Mac and Cheese

This is a cool decoration game where you will make the best macaroni with cheese and a lot of other delicious ingredients. Have fun!
Popcorn Machine Serve

You are a beautiful girl who have to serve the customers that are coming to the popcorn shop, with popcorn, candies, chocolate and more delicious food and desserts. Good luck!
Anna Glace

Your task is to get the orders from your kids customers and to make the most delicious ice cream with everything for them so they will leave happy. Enjoy and good luck!
My Pizza Shop

Serve the customers with the best pizza in the world and you will have a successful business with your restaurant. Enjoy the game!

Rasgulla is a famous recipe known all over the world and now in this cooking game you will try to make it in the kitchen. Have fun eating your own Rasgulla!
Making Berry Parfaits

Be the best player of this cooking game and make the most delicious Berry Parfait. Chop up all fruits you will need and then add the ingredients to the blender for a yummy treat. Enjoy!
Make A Strawberry Smoothie

Play this yummy cooking game and whip up some delicious strawberry smoothies and have fun cooking. Add all of the ingredients and blend them together to make this tasty beverage. Enjoy!
Italian Meatballs

Italian meatballs this is the recipe that you will make in this cooking game in a beautiful kitchen. Good luck and have fun cooking meatballs!
Gingerbread Cookies Game

Make your family dinner more interesting if you will cook gingerbread cookies in this cool cooking game. Combine all the ingredients to make some yummy gingerbread cookies. When you are at the end of cooking decorate the cookies for a great presentation. Good luck!
Cooking a Hamburger

In this burger game you will fin a perfect hamburger recipe. Its easy for you to make this burger in a few steps. Enjoy!
Cooking a Burger

In a few minutes you will cook a great burger based on a great recipe. Take this opportunity to make a great burger and enjoy this game.
Bar B Que

In this restaurant game you have to do various things like frying, cooking and mixing drinks to complete the 25 rounds on the map. For you to go to the next level buy upgrades and serve your customers in time. Keep an eye on the reputation meter, and make this restaurant to be the best restaurant in time.
Lasagna Cooking

Your friends are coming to you this night, and you must cook lasagna for them all! Do your best and then see how they liked your cooking at the end!
Bake Chocolate Cake

This is a cool game where you will learn how to bake the most delicious cake ever. Have fun kids!!
Cookie Capers

Play this cool cooking game and help the little mice to make some delicious and tasty cookies for dinner. Fill the bag with cookies to complete the level. Enjoy the game!
Gingerbread Cooking

Play this cool cooking game and learn how to make a simple and delicious recipe of gingerbread food. Enjoy this delicious food with your friends or with your family!
Cooking Hamburger

If you want to make the most tasty hamburger play this cooking game, and take the ingredients you like, combine them, and have fun cooking the most delicious hamburgers for you and your friends!
Tasty Macaroni Salad

Learn how to be a goo cooking chef and make the most tasty macaroni salad. The ingredients for this macaroni salad are hard-cooked eggs and chopped vegetables. Enjoy cooking macaroni today!
Make Macaroni

Make macaroni in sauce this is your task in this cooking game. At the end you'll be judged. Start and prepare the ingredients the way your shown initially in the introduction. Good Luck cooking macaroni!
Lay The Table

Make the table full of food to look delicious because now your task is to decorate your table with the best food. Have fun!
Breakfast Preparation

In this cooking game you will learn following the game instruction how to make the best breakfast for you and your parents. Good luck!
Winter Bistro

Help Sandy to put the children to the tables, and serve them with food and drinks according to their orders. Finally collect the money and clean the tables. Good luck!
Steak Tacos

Steak Tacos is very famous all over the word because is a very good steak. To make this steak combine the ingredients, grill the steak, wrap everything up in a tortilla and chow down on these great steak game! Good luck!
Lemonade World

This is a cool game for girls where you own a lemonade stand. Start and plant the lemonade tree, and pick its lemons, the rest is simple.The goal of this great and funny game is to run your stand for 30 days.Good luck and have fun with your clients!
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