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Tarka Dal

Play this cooking games to learn how to make a Tarka Dal recipe in a beautiful decor. Have fun!
My Lovely Cake

Play this game to make your lovely cakes, you can chose from three models of cake when you start cooking, chose the one you like and move over to the next cooking step. Enjoy!
Home Made Strawberry Ice Cream

Play this cooking game and you will be in Sara cooking class and she will teach you how to make a delicious ice cream with strawberries. Have fun cooking with Chef Sara!
Cook Amandines Tarts

Play this game to learn how to make an delicious Tarts Amandines recipe, and you will play this game and cook in a complete kitchen. Have fun!
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Now you will play the role of a beautiful girl chef and you will make some great chocolate chip cookies. Put the ingredients from the recipe list and put them in the bowl. Find the ingredients by sequence and finish the cookies as fast as you can. Enjoy!
Challah Recipe

Play this cooking game to make a delicious and a famous Challah recipe for you and your family dinner!
Strawberry Juice

Use Strawberries, water, lemon juice, sugar, vanilla sugar to make the best Strawberry Juice ever for you and your family. Good luck!
Hamburger 1

Play this hamburger game to learn how to make delicious hamburgers and as fast as you can. Good luck!
Green Apple Juice

Today, if you play this cooking game you will learn how to make a fresh green juice, delicious in a hot summer day. Good luck!
Make A Strawberry Smoothie

Play this yummy cooking game and whip up some delicious strawberry smoothies and have fun cooking. Add all of the ingredients and blend them together to make this tasty beverage. Enjoy!

You are in a beautiful kitchen with Sara and she will be teaching you how to make a delicious Quesadilla. Follow the game instructions, on how to make the Quesadilla and you will do it just fine. On early completion you will be given bonus points. Good luck!
Cookie Capers

Play this cool cooking game and help the little mice to make some delicious and tasty cookies for dinner. Fill the bag with cookies to complete the level. Enjoy the game!
Make Macaroni

Make macaroni in sauce this is your task in this cooking game. At the end you'll be judged. Start and prepare the ingredients the way your shown initially in the introduction. Good Luck cooking macaroni!
Soccer Fan

Just try to move down stair with snacks without falling.Good luck and have fun!
Cookie Festival

Lets have a big party! Enjoy playing this cookie festival game and tell your friends about this game if you like it. Have fun!
Burger Run

Are you ready for some serious burger cooking? Run your burger business and become a burger tycoon by making multilayer burgers. If you keep up with the demands you will win many points and you will win this cool game.
Sweet Tooths Dreaming

If you like to cook and make the best food in your kitchen now you can play this cooking game and make rainbow frosting, fruit topping and chocolate hearts. Your dream will come true with this triple candy extravaganza. Enjoy!
Ongs Sisters Kitchen

Being the new owner of Ongs Sisters Kitchen you could make the best food using the cooking machines. Enjoy and use the cooking machine in the best way possible!
Nutty Orange Flapjacks

Kitchen will be your temple where you can chose ingredients that are in it to cook and prepare a fantastic meal. Enjoy!
Italian Pizza Match

Make five different delicious pizzas food because its easy and you just have to compare your pizza cooking skills with those of pizza chef Gerasimo. Good luck!
Cool Juice Noad

Make the best juice in a beautiful summer and have fun with your friends in a hot summer day. Can you do this? Good luck and win this cool game!
Butter Chicken

Kids are you ready to prepare a delicious Butter Chicken food recipe for your friends and family dinner? Try this chicken recipe because its great and its not hard to make it. Enjoy!
Apple Pie

Play this cooking game to make a great apple pie. Make a delicious apple pie for you and your family as a dinner dessert. Good luck!
Delicious Cake Shop Cooking

To cook the best cakes you will be playing with creams, strawberries and chocolate candies and you will create some delicious, lovely looking Christmas cakes! Have fun!
Butter Biscuits Game

When you are a little kid the biscuits was your favorite, how is now do you like them? Play this game to make the best butter biscuits, think about them as a great dessert!
Tessa Hamburger

Learn how to make a delicious hamburger. Combine ingredients you need and prepare them for a nice hamburger. Cut your ingredients and put them in the oven. After this you can prepare this recipe in your kitchen ant home. Have fun!
Sushi Grand Prix

Do you want to be a sushi champion? In this game you can make four types of sushi and you can make this with more or less help from the chef. Begin making a delicious sushi. Have fun!
Summer BBQ Cooking

Your friends are very important to you and that's why you will cook a delicious BBQ for your friends. Enjoy and make them die to taste your BBQ.
Mushberry Treehouse

You own a forest bar and your task is to keep the juice flowing at your friendly forest tree bar to win this serving game! Have fun and good luck!
Muffintastic Cooking

Be ready to make different sorts of delicious muffins. All you need to do is to follow the recipe and the result will be delicious. Bon apetit!
Ladybug Tearoom

You are a new employee at Ladybug Tearoom and your job is to take care about orders and to remember the color of tea color and cup order. Do your job well and you will have a high score. Good luck!
Cake Rollers Games

Help the cutest turtles who can bake the best cakes in this cake-rolling factory to make the best dessert. Help her!. Have fun cooking cakes!
Cake Of Fun

Each furry little critter wants a different kind of cake and you have to deal with this. What do you say, can you keep up with their orders? Enjoy!
Apple Jam

Play this game to learn how to make a delicious and healthy apple jam for you and your friends party. Have fun cooking!
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