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Sara Pizza Burger

Here's an interesting recipe in which you will get to cook a tasty pizza burger. Sound quite interesting, and it surely is, even more, it can be a challenging recipe and to make sure you will cook it right, you must follow Sara's instructions step by step. Good Luck!
Spicy Glazed Salmon

Meet one of the best fish chefs in town. Here is the pink bear ready to teach you the secrets of cooking maybe the best salmon recipe ever. This is the kind of recipe that you could cook right in your own kitchen. So don't waste more time cooking simple omelets or sandwiches, find out now how easy and fun it is to cook a spicy glazed salmon.
Shepherds Pie

Are you ready to cook a yummy Shepherds Pie? Well in this game you can learn all you need to know about this American Pie recipe. So follow the instructions in the game and have fun cooking!
Monster High Epic Chocolate Pie

Do you want to know how cooking can be fun? Well in this fun chocolate pie cooking game you will learn to cook a yummy dessert following the instructions of a beautiful monster that you may had seen in Monster High cartoon series. Do you know her name? Tell us if you do and also try your best to cook as good as she do!
Chocolate Cheesecake

Preparing a cheesecake can be lot of fun, especially when you can make one of your own in a cooking game like this. Join the game, take the spoon and the other kitchen tools and ingredients you need, and lets make some yummy chocolate cheesecake.
Cooking Banana Split

How to cook a banana split is a cooking game for kids learning them hot to prepare this ice cream-based dessert. With a banana, few strawberries, 1 slice of pineapple and some chocolate syrup in less than 10 minutes you can prepare a very very good desert. Good Luck!
Cooking Pav Bhaji

Today you will cook an Indian recipe called Pav Bhaji, you will be guide step by step and the result will be delicious of course. Try this cooking game and have fun!
Yummy Lollipops

Chose one of three cakes and make it the way you want using your creativity and imagination to make the most beautiful and yummy lollipops cake. Enjoy!
Vegetable Mousse

You will be next to a beautiful river in a green and great decor, and you can cook a vegetable mousse recipe. Select the ingredients and combine them respecting the game instruction exactly. Enjoy!
Super Yummy Double Brownies

Play this cooking game to learn how to make some great delicious yummy double brownies. Enjoy!
Spicy Mongolian Beef

This game will help you to cook a Mongolian spicy food recipe, use meat and many vegetable to complete this Mongolian food. Enjoy!
Epic Chocolate Pie

Looking for chocolate pie recipes? After you will play this game and you will make this dream pie dessert you will be gone to heaven, because everything is beautiful. Enjoy!
Spaghetti Meatballs Cooking

This spaghetti recipe is a traditional Italian American spaghetti and meatballs recipe. To make this food you will use spaghetti, tomato sauce and meatballs, simple isn't but delicious. Enjoy cooking!
Serving School Lunches

You will be the waitress in a school and your clients will be the students, and you will have to take orders from them and serve then correct. Good luck!
Red Velvet Cake

Sara will take you in her cooking class and she will teach you how to make a beautiful cake called red velvet cake. Try to make this beautiful cake with Sara in her lovely kitchen. Enjoy cooking with Sara!
My Lovely Cake

Play this game to make your lovely cakes, you can chose from three models of cake when you start cooking, chose the one you like and move over to the next cooking step. Enjoy!
Mushroom Melt Burger

This is a decoration game where you have the possibility to make a great burger, just use your burger skill and imagination and make the best burger ever. Good luck!
Muffins Magic

If you will play this game you will make the most beautiful and tasty muffins ever, and you can make them the way you want it. Chose from the menus the ingredients and have fun!
Lovely Pizza Cooking

You are now in a beautiful green forest where you will cook a lovely pizza food. Enjoy the pizza with your friends or parents.
Irish Roast

If you like to cook and you know something about Irish people then you will love to make this Irish food to because you will have fun and you will enjoy the taste of it. Good luck!
Gyouza Speed

Before time runs you will have to cook a great food recipe, called Gyouza, you will be guide step by step just move fast. Good luck!
Eggles Chocolate Cake

Play this cooking game to cook a cake for you and your friends party, its easy and you will have instruction step by step. Good luck!
Cowboy Grilled Chicken

Be a good cowboy chef and make a great grilled chicken in a beautiful western decor. Enjoy!
Cooking Chinese Salad

Play this game to make a delicious and healthy chinese salad, and you can try this salad at dinner with your family. Enjoy!
Cook Amandines Tarts

Play this game to learn how to make an delicious Tarts Amandines recipe, and you will play this game and cook in a complete kitchen. Have fun!
Challah Recipe

Play this cooking game to make a delicious and a famous Challah recipe for you and your family dinner!
Carrot Cake

In a beautiful green decor you will make a carrot cake which is a delicious cake, and you can try it with your family. Have fun!
Tomatoes Stuffed With Ricotta Cream

Learn how to make a Tomatoes Stuffed with Ricotta Cream recipe in this cool cooking game. Use any ingredients from the kitchen like bread, oil, egg, tomatoes, salt, permiesen and nutmeg. Have fun!
Waffle Party

Its party time and its Waffle Party too, play this cool game to make and decorate the best waffle ever. Delicioussss!
Tomato Potage

Try this cooking game to make the best tomato soup ever, called tomato potage. Good luck and follow the game instruction.
Sweet Lassi Yogurt Drink

If you want to refresh yourself in a hot summer day then play this game to learn how to make the best drink, named Sweet Lassi Yogurt Drink. Enjoy!
Serve To Play

Serve the customers with some delicious juices before they leave and earn points for every correct serving. Good luck!
Potato Souffle

The main ingredient to make this delicious food is potato. Use all necessary to make the best Potato Souffle food. Good luck!
Pie Picture

Chose the pie that you want to eat or to show it to your friends and decorate it to look more tasty. Enjoy!
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