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Homemade Pizza

It's time you learn a new way of cooking a delicious homemade pizza. Play this awesome online game and you will get to learn all the steps you have to follow in cooking a yummy homemade pizza. This is the kind of food you will enjoy cooking whenever you think of throwing a party or any other event you might think of. Have fun!
Chicken Lazone

If you're tired of eating from fast food and you want to prepare something delicious with the usual ingredients everyone has in their kitchen, well you might be in luck as in this new awesome cooking game for girls you can try to cook your own Chicken Lazone. Follow the instructions and have fun!
Baked Chimichangas

Ever heard of the chimichangas recipe? In this game not only that you will find out about this kind of food recipes, but you can see how to prepare it right from the beginning. Enjoy!
Puppies Meal Time

Here are 4 dogs who loves to eat at a pet restaurant. In this puppy food serving game we're going to concentrate on preparing and serving our puppies the most delicious food they can enjoy. Do your best to serve them in time, only in this way you will get to pass all the levels and win the game. Good Luck!
Traditional Pancakes

If you are the kind of guy who appreciates a healthy breakfast you would love to cook some tasty traditional pancakes, they are crunchy, fluffy, the kind of food that you would love to have in the morning. You're in luck cause in this new cooking game for kids you can learn how to cook such a traditional pancake recipe, just follow the recipe and have fun cooking a yummy breakfast!
Game Day Chili Cooking

You know what kind of food works best on a long game day? Well this chef has a recipe of some tasty tortilla chips which can surely help our team run faster on the pitch. Join our chef and have fun cooking!
Traditional Swedish pancakes

The Swedish pancakes are quite awesome to eat. In this new cooking game for kids you can learn a fun new, very delicious recipe of pancakes. Follow the instructions in this game and you will see, how to cook the best Traditional Swedish pancakes that you had ever tasted. You can serve this kind of food at breakfasts, meal or dinner. Have fun!
The Canteen

Paris is a great location to spend your vacation, however, if you run out of money, you don't have to much things to do, Iris here had figure out she can take a summer job at the local Canteen, place where only thing she has to do is to prepare and serve the right food for her clients. Join her in this serving game and help make some money for her vacation!
Zucchini Fritters

Show your friends the new food recipes which you had learned cooking. This fun cooking game will also show you how to combine some veggies, and sausages in order to cook a tasty Zucchini Fritters meal. Have fun!
Tomato Pizza

Pizza is one type of food in which you can go crazy. Try all kinds of ingredients, combinations, vegetables and even fruits. In today's cooking game for kids we'll be focusing on cooking and decorating a tomato pizza. Care to join us?
Chicken Pad Thai

Do you know what kind of ingredients you need and how to prepare an exotic food like Chicken pad thai? Well here is one fun cooking game for girls in which you will discover how to combine all kinds of exotic vegetables and fruits and cook a chicken pad thai. Have fun!
Fast Food Burger

Find out how fun it can be to cook fast food burgers! Play online cooking games like this and you might get the taste for burgers. Surely after playing this game you will want to go to the fast food or make your own burger at your place. Enjoy!
Feed The Little Cub

Ever had the chance of going to the Circus? Well in this fun serving games we aren't going to go there, but we are going to take care of some sweet little tiger cubs. Play around with them and do your best to feed every tiger with the food he likes the most, also try to move fast, you don't want to disappoint the little cubs!
Food Revolution

Ever heard of the food Revolution? Well our Gizmo the dinosaur is right in the middle of it and he needs your help to escape from it. Help him climb as high as he can, eat as many fries, hamburgers and apples to have energy and pass all the obstacles that may come in his way. Only by doing all this things we can win the food revolution game! Good Luck!
Cooked Rice Recipe

Ever tried cooking Asian food? Start your career as a Chinese chef in today's fun cooking game. A online food cooking game in which you will discover all kinds of ingredients like fish, rice and a few more, which combined together will make a delicious food to fill up your stomach. Enjoy!
Lunch Time

Lunch is a very important meal for the day. You get energy for all your afternoon from it. You are the proud owner of a food court and it's a busy day for you during the lunch break. Time to prove your serving skills. You have to act quick and think even quicker. Good luck !
Crispy Chicken Burger

Do you enjoy cooking your own food? Are you tired of going to a fast food restaurant and standing in lines for a burger? Say no you will learn how to cook your own delicious crispy chicken burger. Just follow the instructions and you will be enjoying your burges in no time.
Aloo Gobi Recipe

Egypt is a famous place that you surely want to visit one day. In this game you can visit a Egyptian kitchen where you can learn how to cook a Aloo Gobi recipe. Follow the instructions cook all the ingredients in the right way and by the end of the game you will have a delicious Egyptian meal!
Serve the Dogs

Here is a new fun game for kids, a online serving game in which you will have to take care of some lovely dogs. Play around with all the food you can find and do your best to feed the puppies with their favorite ones. Enjoy!
Baby Shark Sushi

It seems that baby sharks are too little to go hunting for food, that is why they spend most of their time in the kitchen cooking sushi. Join this fun baby shark, and help him cook a delicious baby shark sushi!
Pad Kaprow Koong Recipe

Meet chef Francine, he is one culinary artist, that will show you not only how to create food, but to create art. Follow the instructions in this cooking game, and in a short time, you will have the skills and the knowledge you need in order to prepare some tasty pad Pad Kaprow Koong.
Supreme Sushi Platter

Probably you're not the biggest fan of fish food, but it's a game like this that could change your mind. Here you have a Supreme Sushi Platter recipe that you can easily learn by following the instructions in the game. Take your chance and lets find out if you know how to make a Sushi Platter! Enjoy!
Big Burrito Grande

This chihuahua has a big family, and guess what is he going to cook for them? Well from all the Mexican recipes he has though of cooking them a big Burrito Grande. You don't know what ingredients you need and how to cook such a meal? Well, don't be afraid, this chef here, is going to teach you, all you need to know about Burritos. Have fun!
Chicken Shawarma

Well one of the most delicious and full of calories foods you can eat is Shawarma, here's a example of a fun online cooking game for 7 year old kids in which you can have lots of fun cooking some chicken Shawarma! Enjoy!
Delicious Pizza Decoration

You don't quite know what kind of food to cook for a Birthday party? It is a fun game for 7 years old like this that can teach you a thing or two about pizza cooking, so that in just a few minutes you can cook and decorate a delicious pizza of your own. Simply follow the instructions and in short time you will have a tasty pizza ready to be served!
Spicy Lentil Rissoles

Some people love eating spicy food. If you're the kind of kid who also like this sort of food, and more than that if you are a vegetarian, you're going to love playing this game, as here you will be cooking a tasty Spicy Lentil dinner. Enjoy!
Smiley Hamburger Food Fight

It looks that one of the animals favorite food, are the hamburgers. In this new online food fight game, you will have to target and hit the animals with hamburgers. Try your best to hit them all and avoid hitting the ones with flowers. Enjoy!
Chicken Roll

Chicken rolls? I think that this food sounds delicious, even more, if you have the chance to taste it you surely won't be disappointed of it. Even more if you choose to play a fun cooking game like this you may learn a few thinks about how to cook a chicken roll at your own kitchen.
Native Indian Restaurant

If you though that Indians are still hunting for food, and things like this, you were probably wrong, as you will find out like in this game, today Indians eat at a quite fancy restaurant. Join the game and lets see what kind of food we will have to prepare and serve to our native Indians.
Epic Breakfast

You're just in time for breakfast. Take all the many ingredients, foods, drink and last but not least your favorite dessert. In this way you can prepare a epic breakfast. Enjoy!
Deep Cooked Chicken

Deep cooked chicken is the most delicious and easy food to make. Diana wanna surprise her boyfriend for their 4 months anniversary with this delicious recipe. Her boyfriend loves fried chicken and for sure he will be well surprised, but the problem is Diana doesn\'t have cooking experience. She will need your help to succeed this dinner. Help her prepare the chicken according to the recipe and then decorate it with vegetables on a fancy plate. Enjoy!
Monster High Burger

Decorating food has never been harder than this time because Nefera the Nile, the princess of the ancient Egypt is here to watch you cook some delicious burger. She's a skilled chef and she has a really good ability to observe mistakes made by the other cooks. So be careful and make a perfect burger!
Serve The Students

The students from this elite high-school always have dreamed for a yummy place where they could eat delicious food. The best part is that you just opened a new serving food place near the high-school. Do your best to serve food to the students and be aware that your work depends on them. Use your memory so you do not mix the orders and your skills to do your job faster. Good luck!
Messy Kitchen

Jenny is bringing over her friends, to have some fun cooking a dish of delicious cookies at her kitchen. But there's a little problem, it looks like her kitchen is a mess, and she needs to clean up quickly before her friends comes over. Lets help her put all the kitchen tools and foods back where they belong, so she can present to her friends a clean kitchen!
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