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Use your experience as manager and a waitress and run your snow cone the best you can. serve your customers with what they want and where they want. Serve the best desserts and ice cream ever and your business will prosper!
BBQ Party

Help chef Filippo to cook steak and vegetable for the barbecue party, help him to do his job better. Good luck and have fun!
The Feeding

Your customers are the kids and you have to serve them the right food to make points and win the game. Good luck!
Serve The Fruits

Serve the right fruits to the right customers, if you will make mistakes your life will go down. Good luck!!
Restaurant Gorenge

A new restaurant has been open in your city and now they are looking for a new waitress who have a good memory and move fast in the kitchen and in the restaurant. Can you do the job? Good luck!
Hot Diggity Dog

Make one of the most delicious American hot dog ever by playing this cool decoration game. Enjoy and use your imagination to do a good job!
Restless Restaurant

customers money are your main task and to take their money don't let the customers wait too long for their food. make the food for the customers and deliver the orders in time and you'll be rewarded with points. Good luck end enjoy the game!
Janes Hotel Family Hero

Your main task in this game is to take care of your customers that are coming to the hotel, as best as possible and make them feel good as you upgrade your hotel and it becomes the best! Have fun and good luck!
Garlic And Rosemary Chicken

For today dinner you will make step by step a delicious meals like this garlic and rosemary chicken. Try this cooking to get some help. Good luck and have fun cooking the best food!
Busy Bee Restaurant

Your are the new employee as a cooking chef in the Mr. Bee's restaurant and your task is to match the food and drink ingredients as fast as possible and make sure the food and drinks could be served on time. Good luck and have fun!
Self Service

Play this game to prepare sandwiches, make coffee and fruit shakes for the customers. Be careful not to overcook the bread and the eggs. If you want to make shakes, drag the fruits into the blender. Good luck!
Sashas Health Spa

Your task is to keep your customers happy and relaxed to earn the most money. You can make a lots of money and with those money you can buy more equipment and luxury for your shop to proceed in your quest to build the best beauty resort in the world. Have fun and good luck!
Sami Tea Restaurant

Be a good friend and help Sami to make everyone who leaves his tea restaurant to leave with a big smile by serving them the finest tea drinks. Have fun and good luck!
Mommas Diner

You are the new waitress at Mommas Dinner restaurant and your job is to make the customers feel good, seat customers at empty tables and then take their food order. Good luck!
Lora Burger Shop

You will work at Lora best burger shop and you have to make tasty burgers for your customers. A lot of customers are coming. Orders should not be delayed, make the customers happy. Good luck!
Grill Time

Be a good fast food employee, grill and serve your customers orders quickly and accurately to pass to the next level. Don't forget to add their fave condiments to the food! Good luck!
Fairyland Juice Center

Your task is to finish all levels of this serving game, to achieve the target and win this game. As the level increases the varieties of the juice will also increase. If you won't do your job and complete the clients orders you will get minus points.Good luck!
Dinner Decoration

Use your cooking skills and your cooking imagination and make a dinner table in the best way you can using the given items from the menus. Enjoy!
Dinner Dash

Your task is about serving your clients on time and make them happy with your services and given them the best food and drinks to your Dinner Dash restaurant. Enjoy this game!
Cupcake Frenzy

Make some delicious cupcakes for your customers. Do not forget about time and to collect the money that you have made from your customers. Good luck!
Cup N Cake

To win this game serving game serve your customers with drinks and cakes on time. Work to upgrade your shop and try to become the most popular cake shop in town. Have fun and good luck!
Cake Shop 2

You have opened the second cake shop in your town and the customers are coming to you because they know you, you must keep up with the orders from them and do your job the best you can to make your business work better and better. Good luck!
Beastie Burgers

You will be a hot dog boy,who's trying to live in Monsterville as a finest burger vendor that ever lived there. Have fun cooking the best , hot dogs, burgers and please your customers!
Sunny Terrace

Sunshine is a beautiful name is the best waitress and in this cool game you will play his waitress role and you will work at Sunny Terrace restaurant. Take orders and deliver the right food to the customers and be on top. Good luck!
Steak and Jake Milk Game

Deliver the freshest milk possible to all your thirsty customers. To win this game you have to finish your mission and serve the most thirsty customers. Good luck !
Dinner Chef

Play the role of a dinner chef in a big restaurant and here is where you will cook delicious cuisines for your customers. Be the greatest chef and let everyone knows that. Enjoy and be careful to the customers orders!
Cool Creams Games

Your main task as a waitress is to serve your customers and to do this before time runs out. Have fun and good luck with clients!
Cookie Tycoon Game

To win this cool game you have to be a good chef and a good manager. The customers will come to your best cake store from town. Good luck and have fun managing the store!
Happy Pancakes

To win this cool game you have to love pancakes. Do you? If yes then try and make some great looking and divine tasting pancakes. Good luck!
Dabbawalla International

This is a restaurant game where the Mumbai Dabbawallas are going international, thanks to their management efficiency. They have been invited to provide their services to 4 cities around the globe. to keep their reputation, it's your job to match right orders. Have fun!
Cooking Apprentice

Take care to the chef orders and follow the instructions given by him.Have fun and win this cooking apprentice game!
Ladybug Tearoom

You are a new employee at Ladybug Tearoom and your job is to take care about orders and to remember the color of tea color and cup order. Do your job well and you will have a high score. Good luck!
Hot BBQ Party

Summer is beautiful and a beautiful sun is shining, the grill sizzling and some happy customers are waiting for you to serve them with a tasty BBQ. This is the best summer ever!
The Apprentice Icecreamer

In this cooking game you will learn how to be a good chef and a good waitress too and serve the kids with the best ice creams. Keep the customers happy by filling theirs orders, and wining money. Enjoy!
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