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16th Birthday Cake

Here it is, one of the coolest cake games you can play! In this online girl game, you will get to learn how to make one really delicious birthday cake for a 16 year old girl. It's incredibly fun and easy to make, so just follow the instructions in the game and have fun!

Use your experience as manager and a waitress and run your snow cone the best you can. serve your customers with what they want and where they want. Serve the best desserts and ice cream ever and your business will prosper!
Cooking Pav Bhaji

Today you will cook an Indian recipe called Pav Bhaji, you will be guide step by step and the result will be delicious of course. Try this cooking game and have fun!
Wedding Table Decoration

Have you dream to become a bride? Now if you play this game you can make a party for the wedding of your dreams! Chose the food and all the wine you can drink and many other so you can customize this wedding table for a fun marriage you'll never forget. Enjoy!
Yummy Bonanza

You will run a snack stand for 12 days and you will run this business selling burgers, hotdog and more. Your target is to make your stand to be the best in town. Good luck!
The Hungry Rabbit

Help Hungry rabbit to catch as many fruits as possibile to win this game and for him to have a big feast. Enjoy!
Talis And Fruits

This is a game where you will use your brain inteligence to make as many points , you will have to put three or more fruits as the same type on a line. Good luck!
Sweet Ice Cream Animals

Make a delicious ice cream looks like the animal you prefers, penguin, dog, cats and many other. Enjoy!
Stone Age Girls

You are now in stone age and you have been opened a shop in your area, the customers are coming and make an order you will have to complete his orders and the customers will leave happy. Have fun!

Let your imagination run and make the most delicious smoothie! This is certainly the drink to have to swallow your vitamins. How do you like your smoothie? Enjoy!
Sea Bass Baked In Salt

You will cook a sea bass baked in salt recipe on a beautiful beach, a great decor, if you play this cooking game.
Red Velvet Cake

Sara will take you in her cooking class and she will teach you how to make a beautiful cake called red velvet cake. Try to make this beautiful cake with Sara in her lovely kitchen. Enjoy cooking with Sara!
My Lovely Cake

Play this game to make your lovely cakes, you can chose from three models of cake when you start cooking, chose the one you like and move over to the next cooking step. Enjoy!
Mushroom Melt Burger

This is a decoration game where you have the possibility to make a great burger, just use your burger skill and imagination and make the best burger ever. Good luck!
Minas Fruit Basket

Catch the fruits in Mina's basket this is your main task . Good luck!
Lovely Pizza Cooking

You are now in a beautiful green forest where you will cook a lovely pizza food. Enjoy the pizza with your friends or parents.
Little Dimbo

Your task in this cool game with monkey and fruits is to hit the apple to increase the bonus points. Good luck!
Cowboy Grilled Chicken

Be a good cowboy chef and make a great grilled chicken in a beautiful western decor. Enjoy!
Cooking Chinese Salad

Play this game to make a delicious and healthy chinese salad, and you can try this salad at dinner with your family. Enjoy!
Cook Amandines Tarts

Play this game to learn how to make an delicious Tarts Amandines recipe, and you will play this game and cook in a complete kitchen. Have fun!
Brioche Cooking

Today you can cook some delicious brioche in a beautiful kitchen where are a lot of sun flower. Have fun cooking!
Banana Sour Cream Bread

Today recipe will be banana sour cream bread and you will make it using a kitchen and the ingredients from it. Follow the game instruction step by step and enjoy!
Bake Chicken

You are now in a beautiful decor, to a beautiful waterfall and you will bake a delicious chicken. Enjoy cooking!
Andas Cake Decor

Now you will decorate a cake like chef Anda, the name of the cake will be Anda Cake and you will have to chose the ingredients in a way that the cake will look beautiful. Have fun!
Winfreys Bakery

Kids are coming to Winfreys Bakery and you are the new employee there and your job is to serve the kids customers with the right food. Good luck to keep your job!
Waffle Party

Its party time and its Waffle Party too, play this cool game to make and decorate the best waffle ever. Delicioussss!
Tomato Potage

Try this cooking game to make the best tomato soup ever, called tomato potage. Good luck and follow the game instruction.
Sue Delivery Meals

Help Sue to complete the meals and decorate them in the best way and deliver them. Be fast and do a good job. Good luck!
Serve The Little Girls

Your job is to serve beautiful girls that come to your shop with the right juice or cocktails. Good luck!
Serve The Fruits

Serve the right fruits to the right customers, if you will make mistakes your life will go down. Good luck!!
Serve Or Die

Serve Or Die this will be your motto while you are working in this restaurant. Serve the right food to the right table, and win tips because this is the life of a good waitress. Good luck!
Restaurant Gorenge

A new restaurant has been open in your city and now they are looking for a new waitress who have a good memory and move fast in the kitchen and in the restaurant. Can you do the job? Good luck!
Raspberry Razzle

This is a simple game for you and you will learn how to make a fresh Raspberry Razzle, you will use ice cream, some fruits, some juices and the result will be great. Enjoy!
Pie Picture

Chose the pie that you want to eat or to show it to your friends and decorate it to look more tasty. Enjoy!
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