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Sloppy Joe With Ground Turkey

This is not just simple hamburger that you will be cooking, is the famous Sloppy Joe with ground turkey recipe. In this fun game for kids you will get to combine some tomatoes, vinegar, barbecue and other sauce in order to get to cook this awesome burger recipe. Enjoy!
Bison Burger

Ever heard of the Bison burger recipe? Try out this awesome new girl game for kids and discover the fun and easy way of cooking a delicious Bison hamburger. Enjoy!
Fast Food Burger

Find out how fun it can be to cook fast food burgers! Play online cooking games like this and you might get the taste for burgers. Surely after playing this game you will want to go to the fast food or make your own burger at your place. Enjoy!
Crispy Chicken Burger

Do you enjoy cooking your own food? Are you tired of going to a fast food restaurant and standing in lines for a burger? Say no you will learn how to cook your own delicious crispy chicken burger. Just follow the instructions and you will be enjoying your burges in no time.
Yummy Hamburger Cooking

When did you last ate a delicious hamburger? Do you think you can cook one of your own? Here is a cooking game in which you can discover a tasty recipe of Hamburger. Take your favorite ingredients, combine them in the right order and in short time your hamburger will be ready!
Delicious Chicken Burger

What's your favorite meal? We love hamburgers very much and we wish we could burgers all day long but that's exactly healthy unless you are using ingredients which are fresh and healthy. On the other hand, remember any excess you make can be noxious so keep yourself between the lines. Let's start cooking a delicious hamburger right over.
Cooking Big Burger

Want to learn more about cooking? Fast food isn't a solution, but when you have to cook fast, or you don't have time to lose, can be the perfect meal. Play this fun cooking game and you will learn how to prepare a big burger, which you can choose to cook whenever your on the road. Enjoy!
Hamburger 1

Play this hamburger game to learn how to make delicious hamburgers and as fast as you can. Good luck!
Hot Diggity Dog

Make one of the most delicious American hot dog ever by playing this cool decoration game. Enjoy and use your imagination to do a good job!
Cooking a Hamburger

In this burger game you will fin a perfect hamburger recipe. Its easy for you to make this burger in a few steps. Enjoy!
Cooking a Burger

In a few minutes you will cook a great burger based on a great recipe. Take this opportunity to make a great burger and enjoy this game.
Cooking a Hamburger

Learn how to cook a delicious hamburger with tomato, onions, pickles and many other ingredients? You can find the perfect recipe that will make you a delicious hamburger.
Cooking Hamburger

If you want to make the most tasty hamburger play this cooking game, and take the ingredients you like, combine them, and have fun cooking the most delicious hamburgers for you and your friends!
Lora Burger Shop

You will work at Lora best burger shop and you have to make tasty burgers for your customers. A lot of customers are coming. Orders should not be delayed, make the customers happy. Good luck!
Cheeseburgers Deluxe

Now you will learn how to make one of the best cheeseburger deluxe recipe. Just play this game and you will find all the necessary ingredients and information to make this delicious cheeseburger. Have fun cooking and eating it to with your friends or family.
Burger Run

Are you ready for some serious burger cooking? Run your burger business and become a burger tycoon by making multilayer burgers. If you keep up with the demands you will win many points and you will win this cool game.
Burger Girly

burger Girly is a pretty waitress and in this game you will play his role and she have to serve his customers and to make the most delicious burgers. Have fun playing this serving game!
Beastie Burgers

You will be a hot dog boy,who's trying to live in Monsterville as a finest burger vendor that ever lived there. Have fun cooking the best , hot dogs, burgers and please your customers!
Yummy Burger

Make the most yummy burgers and be a super burger man. Have fun eating and cooking the best and yummy burgers! Enjoy the game!
Big Bobs Burger

Do you like burgers?Yes? Then you will be the next employee at Big Bobs burger shop, the motto is no customers just burgers. Good luck!
Tessa Hamburger

Learn how to make a delicious hamburger. Combine ingredients you need and prepare them for a nice hamburger. Cut your ingredients and put them in the oven. After this you can prepare this recipe in your kitchen ant home. Have fun!
Burger Bonanza

Use your cooking style and make for your clients the best Bonanza burgers. Have fun and good luck!
Best Burger

This game is about burgers and customers. Make the best burgers and serve it to your customers who will enjoy the burgers if you will make it well. Good luck!
Turkey Burger

If you want to make the best burgers and to win this cooking game be a good burger chef and make the most perfect turkey burger. Good luck!
Kellys Burger Stand

AT Kelly burger stand you are now in charge and you will have to keep up with those hungry customers that are coming there to eat. Good luck!
Burger World

Clients are coming to your fast food shop, and you have to be fast and make the most delicious hamburgers from the entire area. Good luck!
Tiinusens Burger Bar

In this game you will prepare burgers, and some drinks for your customers who are making orders. Good luck and do this in the given time!
Serve The Hot Dogs

Play this game and serve your clients with the best hot dogs in the world made by you. Have fun making the hot dogs and making the clients happy !
Busy Burger

You are now working to Busy burger fast food and your job is to serve your customers with the burger that they ordered and prepare the burger using the machines for cooking.Enjoy!
Chili Burger

This is a cool cooking game where you will make the best and the most delicious Chili burgers and after you will give some to your friends they will be impress. Good luck!
Papas Pizza

Play this game and be next to Louie to help her run his Papa's Pizzeria while Papa Louie is gone in holiday! Try to keep your restaurant going for a long time and don't miss your orders. Have fun!
Great Burger Builder

Play this cooking game if you like to make and to become a burger master and build burgers in the exact order as shown on the cook's chart. Have fun and good luck!!
Burger Point Game

Time is very important in this burger game Because you have to make the best burgers within a given time duration. Start and memorize the ingredients for the burgers. Good luck!
How To Make A Chicken Burger

Play this cooking game to learn how to make a delicious chicken burger. Enjoy the game!
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