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Bake Winter Cupcakes

Do you know how easy and fun it can be to cook some cupcuakes? Well kids, hre is the game in which you will learn one of the most simpler ways of cooking them in just a couple of minutes. Enjoy!
Kelly Summer Jobs

Kelly its a very worker girl and now she's got 4 part-time jobs and because of this she needs your help very much! Help her work to a bakery and bake fresh breads for his clients, take care of cute pets, style hair and create tasty ice creams for his customers! If she will have more then ten angry customers she will get fired. Good luck!
Sea Bass Baked In Salt

You will cook a sea bass baked in salt recipe on a beautiful beach, a great decor, if you play this cooking game.
Bake Chicken

You are now in a beautiful decor, to a beautiful waterfall and you will bake a delicious chicken. Enjoy cooking!
Winfreys Bakery

Kids are coming to Winfreys bakery and you are the new employee there and your job is to serve the kids customers with the right food. Good luck to keep your job!
Bake Sweet Pies With Lisa

Beautiful Lisa has made a new pie recipe and she need your help to make it in the kitchen. Play this skills game that tests your abilities to follow the pattern in the original recipe.Good luck cooking with Lisa!
Bake Chocolate Cake

This is a cool game where you will learn how to bake the most delicious cake ever. Have fun kids!!
Baked Potato

Cook the best bake Potato for you and your boyfriend by playing this cooking game. He asks you to make a very tasty bake potato! Make him happy using your cooking skills! Enjoy!
Colorful Cookies

In this decorating game you will have a lot of fun making colorful cookies. Be the best decorator!
Cupcake Maker

In this cooking game you will be a cupcake maker and if you will do your job well you will be love by everyone who loves cupcakes. You can do a lot of things and take many decisions to help you make your most delicious cupcake from your fantasy. It's the only girls game that gives you an impulse to improve your cooking skills and your fantasy, too! Good luck!
Butter Biscuits Game

When you are a little kid the biscuits was your favorite, how is now do you like them? Play this game to make the best butter biscuits, think about them as a great dessert!
Baking With Santa

To win this cooking game you have to help Santa to bake and prepare delicious cookies and candies for the kids that he will visit on Christmas evening. Pay attention to the models given and prepare identical cookies, cakes and candies. Select the shape you need, the type and the color of the toppings and push the right buttons of the machines. Complete your target for each level before the time runs out and gain as many points as you can. Have fun with Santa in this cooking game!
Wallace Gromit Top Bun

baker Bob has been murdered and now your job is to help wallace and bakery to give food to the people so that they wont get hungry. Enjoy!
Bake Orange Crunch Cake

This is a cooking free game where you will bake this very delicious desert for you and your friends. Enjoy baking a great orange crunch cake and eat it too!
Barbis Bakery

Barbis bakery is the place where you are now the new employee and your job is to take the clients orders and serve them with the requested food. Identify the customers requested food and then pack it in a box. If you fail to satisfy the customer in the given time you will lose a life. Good luck!
Easy Bake

Its easy to bake something that you like and its delicious. Decorate your favorite cake anyway you can imagine.Have fun making your cake to be the best!
Baked Beans

To win this game begin to move the squares to find the beans and click on them to capture them. Good luck!
How To Make Big Soft Ginger Cookies

Begin the party and play this cooking game so you can learn how to make a big soft ginger cookie. Good luck and have fun cooking!
How To Bake A Chocolate Cake

You can now to learn how to bake a delicious chocolate cake and make it look delicious and after you are done with baking you will be very happy. Enjoy!
Cake Machine

Use the cake machine and make the most tasty and delicious candy cake ever for your friends and family. Have fun!
Cooking Tasty Cupcakes

Learn how to bake some tasty cupcakes in this funny cooking game for girls. You will bake three different types of cupcakes including chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.
Cookies Bakery

Chose the ingredients that you need, click the buttons which are in the sides and win this cooking game. Make the best food for customers within the traveling time of the plate on the machine. Good luck!
Serving Cookies

Give to this beautiful kids their favorite cookies, and make them happy, be careful when playing this fast food game to the time, and give the cookies to the kids as fast as you can. Good luck !!
Roadside Bakery

In this game it's all about customers,cooking,food,serving and making money. Serve your customers and satisfy them because you are a salesman in this cool roadside bakery.
Bake A Cake and A Pie

Play this game to learn how to impress your family and friends with a delicious cake and a yummy, mouth watering apple pie like those of your grandma. Cooking process will be so incredibly fun. Have fun!
Make Star Cookies

Do you like the stars in the night? Because this game is about beautiful stars but not night stars, cookies stars. Play this cooking game to make them, first make the batter and then cut it with a cookie cutter to make stars before placing it in the oven. Have fun cooking stars!
Highway Bakery

To win this game, make money and try to satisfy your customers wishes, this is the first rules of this game. Good luck and enjoy!
Barbie Baked Potato

Barbie is having her dinner with his friends always and for this dinner Barbie will make a tasty baked potato recipe. Wash and peel the potatoes and help get everything ready for Barbies meal. Have fun in the kitchen with Barbie!
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