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Feed The Baby Elephants

Today you will go in the jungle, where you shall work at a mini fruit restaurant. The object of this baby animal feeding game is to take the orders from the baby elephants and make sure you feed them with their desired fruits. Enjoy!
Wild Life Tasty Burger

Hey girls! Are you ready to learn how to cook a delicious burger? This friendly lion will teach you how to make a tasty wild life burger. Just follow his step by step instructions and it will be ready in no time. All that's left for you to do is to sit back and enjoy. Good luck!
Cooking Mango Beef with Cashews

Today you'll learn how to make this delicious mango beef with cashews recipe. Your teacher, this friendly aligator, is an expert on this recipe. You just need to follow his simple instructions and you'll end up with an amazing meal. It's hard to believe how easy is to make it and how delicious it can be. Good luck!
Smiley Hamburger Food Fight

It looks that one of the animals favorite food, are the hamburgers. In this new online food fight game, you will have to target and hit the animals with hamburgers. Try your best to hit them all and avoid hitting the ones with flowers. Enjoy!
Care Your Sweet Cats

You may have played a few restaurant games in which you had to serve people with different kinds of food. Well in this game things are going to be slitly different, as you will have to serve some cats their favorite food. Join this fun kitty cat game, and do your best to serve the kitties their favorite cat food.
Rabbit Shop

Here is Maya and she had just opened a new Shop in the Forrest where all the animals will come to buy different vegetables and fruits which you will have to prepare and sell them. Make sure you give each animal his favorite food and you will earn points. Enjoy!
Forest Fruit Shop

There is a new shop opening up in the forest and you are invited to work here. In this game you will have to learn to take orders and do your best to serve every animal their favorite fruits, only then you will score points. Try your best to score as many points you can and have fun!
Feed Your Sweet Puppies

What on earth could be sweeter than a small puppy? Do you like puppies? We absolutely love them and today we even brought a new puppy game. You have to feed them with their favorite food. Be careful and pay attention to each puppy because they want different things as they are different breeds of dogs and have different personalities.
Smiley Deco Farm Field

This is a new farm decoration game where you'll have to add animals, plants, boulders, and trees if you want to make it a perfect farm.
Sweet Ice Cream Animals

Make a delicious ice cream looks like the animal you prefers, penguin, dog, cats and many other. Enjoy!
Steak and Jake Milk Game

Deliver the freshest milk possible to all your thirsty customers. To win this game you have to finish your mission and serve the most thirsty customers. Good luck !
Jasmine And Her Dog

This cooking game is simple and funny just use your mouse to do each task. Let your dog be the judge. Have fun cooking and playing with dogs!
Feed The Cubs

Your main task is feeding the forest animals by dragging the requested food item with your mouse and placing it on their table. Make the animals happy by serving them on time and with the best food!
Cake Rollers Games

Help the cutest turtles who can bake the best cakes in this cake-rolling factory to make the best dessert. Help her!. Have fun cooking cakes!
Toto Winter Cookies

Toto's Winter Cookies are delicious and you will help him doing them and you will meet some of the most adorable arctic animals. You will feed the seals, arctic foxes and polar bears with this delicious winter cookies made by you, as they request this. Enjoy the pet game!
My Candy Zoo

Decorate these delicious, darling lollipop snacks with chocolates, sprinkles or anything else you want. Enjoy playing this decoration game and Have fun!
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