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Vegetable Mousse

You will be next to a beautiful river in a green and great decor, and you can cook a vegetable mousse recipe. Select the ingredients and combine them respecting the game instruction exactly. Enjoy!
Tomatoes Stuffed With Ricotta Cream

Learn how to make a Tomatoes Stuffed with Ricotta Cream recipe in this cool cooking game. Use any ingredients from the kitchen like bread, oil, egg, tomatoes, salt, permiesen and nutmeg. Have fun!
Winfreys Bakery

Kids are coming to Winfreys Bakery and you are the new employee there and your job is to serve the kids customers with the right food. Good luck to keep your job!
White Chocolate Mousse

Play this great cooking game to make your own white chocolate mousse, in the way you want, use eggs, milk, rose water. Its deliciousssss...!! Enjoy!
Very Berry Shake

Play this great cooking game to learn how to make a delicious drink called Very Berry Shake. Enjoy!
The Feeding

Your customers are the kids and you have to serve them the right food to make points and win the game. Good luck!
Sweet Lassi Yogurt Drink

If you want to refresh yourself in a hot summer day then play this game to learn how to make the best drink, named Sweet Lassi Yogurt Drink. Enjoy!
Strawberry Juice

Use Strawberries, water, lemon juice, sugar, vanilla sugar to make the best Strawberry Juice ever for you and your family. Good luck!
Serve To Play

Serve the customers with some delicious juices before they leave and earn points for every correct serving. Good luck!
Serve The Little Girls

Your job is to serve beautiful girls that come to your shop with the right juice or cocktails. Good luck!
Serve The Fruits

Serve the right fruits to the right customers, if you will make mistakes your life will go down. Good luck!!
Cook Risi E Bisi Game

Today in your courtyard you will cook a risi e bisi recipe for you and your friends. Use pepper, salt, rice, peas, olive oil and do the best job. Enjoy!
Raspberry Razzle

This is a simple game for you and you will learn how to make a fresh Raspberry Razzle, you will use ice cream, some fruits, some juices and the result will be great. Enjoy!
Potato Souffle

The main ingredient to make this delicious food is potato. Use all necessary to make the best Potato Souffle food. Good luck!
Petit Pain Viennois

Do you like cookies and you are a fan of good desserts? Now you can try to make a special dessert called Petit Pain Viennois. Enjoy!
Pan Di Spagna Cake

Play this cooking game to make the most delicious cake named Spagna Cake. Use ingredients by following the game instructions. Good luck!
Orange Cranberry Oatmeal

To make a Orange Cranberries recipe use ingredients like oatmeal, orange juice, walnuts, water, vanilla yogurt, dried cranberries. Enjoy and good luck!
Olive Cake Cooking

The little penguin will be next to you all the time step by step to help you chose the right ingredients for this special olive cake. Good luck!
Millefeuille Of Tomatoes With Cucumber

If you want to cook something special and delicious now its the best time. After you finish this game you can try this recipe at home in your own kitchen. Enjoy!
Match Delicacies

Match three delicacies or more to win points and move over. Good luck!
Marble Cake Cooking Game

Play this game to make a delicious cake named Marble Cake. Enjoy!
Lemon Sherbet

Play this cooking game in the light of the moon to make the lemon sherbet more delicious. Good luck and enjoy!
Italian White Sauce

Now if you like to be in the kitchen and cook a good food then try to do this on a lake too and make the best Italian White Sauce. Good luck!
Ice Cream Shop Game

Are you ready to make ice cream for this lovely kids? Now is your big moment, make the ice cream how the kids are asking and serve them. Good luck!
How To Make Shawarma

Shawarma is a famous fast food and now you can try to make it alone and have a lot of fun doing it. Enjoy!
Hot Blackcurrant Punch

Play this great game to know how to make a great and hot blackcurrant punch. Enjoy! and have fun!
Highway Choco Shop

You are working in a cool highway choco shop and your job is to make the best desserts and to serve it to the customers. Good luck!
Haunted Forest Halloween Cupcakes

Its Halloween and you will cook for this occasion some delicious pancakes if you play this cooking games. Have fun!
Green Apple Juice

Today, if you play this cooking game you will learn how to make a fresh green juice, delicious in a hot summer day. Good luck!
Cooking Financier Dessert

Play this cooking game to learn how to make a great dessert called Financier which is famous all over the world. Good luck!
Cookie Keeper

Your role is to keep the cookies not to be eaten by the little birds that are coming to steal from you. Good luck!
Compote Of Dried Fruit

What can be more good that a good compote of dried fruits, in a cold winter day or in a hot summer day? Try to make the best compote of fruits ever. Good luck!
Citrus Berry Cooler

Citrus Berry Cooler is a very refreshing cocktail and you will learn how to make it if you try this game. Enjoy!
Boo Nilla Shake

Play this cool game to make a delicious cocktail based on chocolate, you will be help by a dead face step by step. Good luck!
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